Founded by a Firefighter & Designed to Save You Money

The original Quickstop Tool was invented by a firefighter in San Diego, CA.  Our founder realized after years in the fire service that he and his team would continually get called to sites for activated fire sprinklers where there was NO fire.

There was no quick or easy way to shut off the activated sprinkler head.  The entire fire sprinkler system would have to be shut down for the whole building leaving the building and its occupants in an unsafe situation.  Sometimes it could take up to an hour to locate, gain access and shutdown the system.  All while thousands of dollars in water damage were being done to the property.

There had to be a better way!

After months of design, engineering and testing he created the Quickstop Fire Sprinkler Tool.

Realizing he had a game changer for not only firefighters, but building owners, maintenance professionals and construction tradesmen he went on ABC’s Shark Tank to get the word out and look for a partner to grow the company.  While the Shark’s showed interest he decided not to take their deal.

Today Quickstop Tools are sold around the world everywhere from New Zealand to the Netherlands and Singapore to South America.  Anywhere there are fire sprinklers people realize the value of having a safety tool onsite to shut-off an accidentally activated sprinkler head and reduce water damage to their property.

As Quickstop Tools has continued to grow we have stayed focused on our number one priority of helping people reduce water damage and keep buildings safe.

Why do you need a Quickstop Tool?

1. Fire Sprinklers protect buildings and save lives, but accidents happen!

2. Damage from 1 sprinkler head discharge can be significant. A sprinkler head can release water flow from 15-40 gallons per minute and can fill a bathtub in about 1-2 minutes.

3. All jobsites and public buildings equipped with fire sprinklers need to be prepared for an accidental fire sprinkler activation. If you’re not prepared the results can be catastrophic for the building and operations.