A Better Solution

The Quickstop Tool was invented by a firefighter in San Diego.  Our founder started Quickstop Tools with one goal in mind, help firefighters and others all over the world stop water damage, protect properties and keep occupants safe.

Firefighters are most often the first ones called when a fire sprinkler goes off accidentally.  Even as fast as the fire department responds it can take up to 30 or 45 minutes and sometimes even longer to locate and shut off the fire sprinkler system to the entire building.

As our buildings get more complex and technology driven Firefighters need a solution to quickly and easily shut off intact, damaged and broken fire sprinklers to stop water damage.

Benefits for Fire & Rescue Teams:

  • Quickly stop water damage
  • Expedite on-site time and clean up
  • Keep buildings and occupants safe

Reduce Property Damage

A Quickstop fire sprinkler tool can stop an accidentally activated or damaged sprinkler head in seconds whether the sprinkler head is intact, damaged or completely sheared off.

Safer Operations

The fire protection system is now able to remain functional until the sprinkler head can be replaced. The audible evacuation alert and remote alarm remain functional. The system should once again sense and notify if there are signs of fire in the building.

Reduce Liability

A fire watch can be extremely ineffective as large portions of the building remain unchecked for periods of time. There is also a great risk of something being missed with the factor of human error.

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