Supporting the Hospitality Industry

Several global hotel chains have chosen Quickstop Tools to help them reduce water damage and keep their buildings safe.

There's an immense amount of behind-the-scenes work and training to keep a hotel or convention facility running smoothly. Having a Quickstop Tool onsite gives you one less thing to worry about and allows the Engineering and Operations staff to focus on the safe and efficient operation of the hotel structure and equipment.

A damaged fire sprinkler can be catastrophic to the building, guests and operations. We believe the safety of your guests is the top priority.  Having Quickstop Tools onsite can complement your existing safety and emergency policies and procedures and ensure the property meets all legal requirements and conforms to local codes and regulations.

A cost-benefit analysis clearly shows that a small investment in your property’s safety will save thousands of dollars when a fire sprinkler accident occurs, as well as, helping to lower overall insurance costs by reducing claims.

Who Benefits in Hospitality?

  • Operations Staff
  • Engineering Professionals
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Facilities Staff
  • General Management

Reduce Property Damage

A Quickstop fire sprinkler tool can stop an accidentally activated or damaged sprinkler head in seconds whether the sprinkler head is intact, damaged or completely sheared off.

Safer Operations

The fire protection system is now able to remain functional until the sprinkler head can be replaced. The audible evacuation alert and remote alarm remain functional. The system should once again sense and notify if there are signs of fire in the building.

Reduce Liability

A fire watch can be extremely ineffective as large portions of the building remain unchecked for periods of time. There is also a great risk of something being missed with the factor of human error.

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