Shark Tank, 5 Years Later

Our episode of Shark Tank (Season 5, Episode 24) recently re-aired, which it does from time to time, and we just can’t believe it has been 5 years since our founder originally appeared on the show.  Quickstop Tools has seen a lot of changes in 5 years, but we’re as focused on educating people on how to reduce water damage from fire sprinkler activations now as we were back then.  Although the Sharks gave us an offer 5 years ago and saw promise in our product, we still don’t regret not taking it.  The experiences we’ve had growing Quickstop Tools into what it is today have been invaluable.

Quickstop Tools has now sold our tools to over 30 different countries across the world.  Shark Tank definitely helped us get the word out and educate people that every building that has fire sprinklers needs to be prepared in case one accidentally goes off.  Even Lori during the episode mentioned she has had a fire sprinkler go off before.  We’re proud knowing that our tools help reduce water damage and saves thousands of dollars for buildings all across the world.

So what’s next?

A new logo and website!  We recently introduced our new logo and website and appreciate all of the positive feedback we've received.  We’re excited about the updates and hope our current and future customers like them as well.  We’ll also be introducing several new products later this year all related stopping water and fire damage, so stay tuned.

Our original Quickstop Commercial Tool continues to be the quickest and easiest to use tool for stopping water damage from ½” or ¾” sprinkler heads whether they’re intact, damaged or completely sheared off.  It’s also the tool of choice around the world for:

  • Construction and Tradesmen
  • Fire and Rescue Personnel
  • MRO Professionals and Facility Managers
  • Hospitality Industry
  • And many more Commercial, Industrial and Institutional applications

The last 5 years have established Quickstop Tools as an industry leader in fire sprinkler tools and the next 5 years and beyond we promise to continue earning that reputation every day.

Quickstop Tools