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Do Quickstop Tools work on recessed sprinkler heads?

Quickstop Tools are designed to work on most recessed sprinkler heads, you may have to just remove the outside escutcheon. (Visit our video page to watch the recessed head training video)


Do Quickstop Tools have a fusible link feature?

Yes! All of our tools are designed to release when exposed to temperatures above 250 degrees Fahrenheit. (Quickstop Tools are not designed to be left in place permanently. A replacement head should be installed correctly immediately).


Do Quickstop Tools have a warranty?

Our commercial tool and multi-tool come with a 5 year warranty and are completely reusable with no shelf life


Do Quickstop Tools work on concealed fire sprinklers?

No. Our tools were designed to work on the types of heads that most commonly have accidents. Concealed heads rarely have accidental activations since they are so well protected in the walls and ceilings.


What is the difference between the commercial tool and the multi-tool?

Both tools have exactly the same sprinkler stopping capabilities, the multi-tool just has a few extra tools commonly used by firefighters. (Visit our video page to see the multi-tool review done by FireRescue1.com).