What you should know before buying a fire sprinkler tool

There are several fire sprinkler tools on the market today that may not be quite as useful as you think.

The idea of keeping a fire sprinkler tool in your building is to help prevent expensive damages from water in the case of an accidental activation. If a fire sets off your sprinkler system, your building should be evacuated and the fire department will handle the incident from that point on. So, you are really looking for a tool that can help stop water from accidental activations. Today, sprinkler heads are lighter and manufactured cheaper than ever before. They are being damaged and broken very easily so buying a sprinkler tool that can stop broken, damaged and sheared heads is very important.

The Quickstop Talon is the only tool on the market that can stop both 1/2″ and 3/4″ heads whether they are intact damaged or completely sheared. This allows the Talon to stop more fire sprinklers in more conditions than any other tool available. We encourage you to compare the Quickstop Talon to our competition before buying your next fire sprinkler tool.