Recessed head stopped in San Diego high-rise

A recessed head was accidentally hit by a teacher moving a projector Wednesday morning in San Diego. The classroom was evacuated and the teacher notified building management of the sprinkler activation. The photo is of the Quickstop tool that was put in place in the classroom within minutes of the sprinkler being sheared off. Upon arrival of the fire department, the water shut off was located but was locked for security reasons. With building representatives unable to locate keys to gain access to the shut off, the fire department was unable to turn off and drain the system for almost 20 minutes. This 20 minutes equates to almost 750 gallons of water that would have poured out in to the classroom if the Quickstop would not have been in place. The classroom was located on the 16th floor of the building with a law firm just below.

Another great save for the Quickstop Tools and another reason to keep a Quickstop tool in your building.