Fire Sprinkler Tool Guide

We have received a large number of questions regarding which sprinkler tool is best for different sprinkler heads. Attached to this blog is an image showing different heads commonly found in commercial and residential buildings. Below those images you will find the appropriate tool for that type of head. We have also included a breakdown below to better describe our tools intended use.

If you can access the threaded portion of the sprinkler head (Including recessed heads once the skirt is removed) the Commercial Tool or Firefighter Multi-Tool is going to be the tool of choice. This includes upright, pendent, and sidewall heads

If the sprinkler has a smooth, round cap or cover and you cannot see the actual sprinkler head, this is a concealed head and the Residential Kit is going to be the tool of choice. The Residential Kit is the only tool on the market that can stop these heads.

If you have questions or need help choosing the best tool for you, feel free to call our office at (858) 750-2232 or email us a picture of your sprinkler to