Residential Fire Sprinkler Kit

Quickstop Residential Fire Sprinkler Kit

The Quickstop Residential Kit stops recessed, concealed, upright, pendant and sidewall residential sprinklers. It is the only fire sprinkler tool that can also stop leaks from pipes, hoses, taps, and faucets between 5/16” and 1”. Each Quickstop kit has the ability to stop up to 4 leaks or sprinkler at the same time. Each disposable cartridge is designed with a fusible link that will eject if exposed to heat. The remaining water in the system can then flow freely suppressing any fire. This helps protect from a second fire or rekindle. Every Quickstop tool has a utility key in the handle of the tool that can be used to turn on and off residential gas and water. Great for natural disaster preparedness. No other tool protects your assets better than Quickstop.


NOTE: The Quickstop Residential Kit is designed to stop lower pressure systems and may not work on certain heads above 80 PSI. The disposable cartridge should never be left in place for any extended period of time and should immediately be replaced with a working fire sprinker head pursuant to local fire and building code.

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Price: $59.95
Weight: 2 lb
Dimensions: 14 in × 2 in × 10 in